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I blossom into Esmene
(Annoying, isn't it?)

I depress into Esmeralda

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2 of my
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Declaration of Interdependence
Why the Creator needs a press agent

Some work I've done for other people:

The Not So Big House
Joel Cole's Creative Enterprises
Marty Orensten's Signs For Your World

If you want a simple, clean web site with humor and pretty good spelling, contact me (Buffalo Mel). If you want a lot of bells and whistles (Lights! Sound! Action! Frames!), you can still contact me, but it's gonna cost you more money, because really, I hate that stuff.

What do I really love to do (besides play)? Humor writing, art and creative problem solving. I would love to take a photo of you and turn it into a cartoon character for your web site. I would love to find a way to morph your annual report into an entertaining document people actually enjoy reading.

What am I particularly good at doing (besides playing)? Unfortunately, human resources stuff. I am the HR God (emeritus). Comp and benefits, payroll, employee relations, staffing, downsizing, training and development, affirmative action planning, safety, worker's comp, policies and procedures, grievance investigations, blah, blah, yech, yech, I can do it all - and choose not to anymore. BUT - I could probably create a darned spiffy HR intranet for your company (and no doubt give you some suggestions for change, whether you ask for them or not, since I'm quite opinionated about the field).

What else am I good at? Quite a bit, believe it or not; whatever your industry, chances are pretty good I am not totally ignorant about it, and can ask the right questions to help create an entertaining and informative web site for you.

What am I reasonably competent at? Writing html. Check out my various web sites and see. There are better computer programmers out there. But most of them can't write a punch line worth a damn.

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