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The tarot's been around for a long darn time. The reason it works is because it acknowledges the archetypes that function in the human psyche. A tarot reading is the use of tarot cards as an intuition tool to access conscious awareness of the archetypes that are manifesting in a person's life.

These archetypes exist in the larger human universe, not just in tarot cards. For example, the Greek and Roman gods are personifications of these same archetypes--the god of war, the god of love, the hunter, mother earth, etcetera--all of these characters are part of the mass consciousness, pieces of our larger identity as human beings. Or for another example, Carl Jung's archetypes.
Blah, blah, blah.

Anyway, that's why certain entertainers become so vivid and real and important to the rest of us joe schmoes. They epitomize archetypes. There is a name for it in Hollywood: it's called "type casting".

Famous entertainers exist on at least three levels. Wise ones exist on at least four:

Level One: The archetype of the character they portray on film, TV, whatever-- (example: Woody Allen as the schlemiel).
Level Two: The archetype of their real life as identified by the outside, aka their National Enquirer persona-- (example: Woody Allen as cradle-robbing narcissist).
Level Three: Who they actually are in daily life-- (having never met Woody Allen, I cannot provide a description).
Level Four (which most people are never aware of): Their actual identity archetype--(what people discover when they finally "find themself"; your author has not seen "Deconstructing Harry", but I have a sense that it alludes to this).

The audience can be aware of only the first two levels. In some entertainers, the Level One archetype (the character they portray) is their strongest archetype. For others, the Level Two archetype is stronger (their National Enquirer persona).

Hollywood Tarot prefers to use Level One archetypes when possible; however, in some instances a Level Two archetype is so powerful that I have selected it for the card. I kind of feel bad about it in some cases--Hugh Grant, Paul Reubens, Robert Downey, Jr., etc. should be allowed to put their youthful indiscretions aside and get on with their lives--but unfortunately when they misbehaved they built an Archetype. Sorry, guys.

There are many versions of tarot cards available. Being a traditionalist, I have opted to use the classic Rider-Waite tarot and older decks as noted by Walker (see below) as the basis for my cards and interpretations. The Rider-Waite deck works well for my purposes, for the same reason many tarot professionals reject it: it's loathesomely sexist and anthropomorphizes the universe. Also: it is heavily biased toward sex and violence.

Perfect for Hollywood Tarot!

You'll notice there is no "reverse side" on Hollywood Tarot cards. The positives and negatives of any situation are already built into the archetype. For example: if you get Elvis Presley (6 of Wands--Glory), you're astute enough to figure out whether a positive Elvis or negative Elvis is appropriate to your question.

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