Overall Mystical Resources
Immediate Gratification Sites
A few of the more interesting Tarot-related sites on the web
Tarot Web Rings
Celebrity Links listed on the Who's On What Card pages
Other Pages Referenced In This Web Site, for one reason or another

Overall Mystical Resources

Rebel Planet
One of the Lunar Ace Net Publications, Rebel Planet features articles on magic, esoterica, sorcery, the paranormal, and new age, with a heavy emphasis on the Tarot. An example of how brilliant and insightful (and inciteful?) this web magazine is: they even interviewed Hollywood Tarot author Melanie Bacon.

DEI New Age Web Works
A gazillion links to a every possible divinatory method available or advertised on the web.

New Age Voices
Information resources for the new age. Home of the Matrix Oracles.

Witch's Brew
The Sears' catalogue of the witch world.

Immediate Gratification Sites

The Silicon Valley Tarot Deck
"Fortune telling from the land of fortune-telling"; a very funny deck from a universe just down the road from Hollywood Tarot, to purchase or just enjoy online.

Tarot from Castle Gormenghast; another funny site.

The Matrix Oracles
Do-it-yourself on-line readings through tarot, astrology, fortune cookies and other divinatory tools.

Archetypes Storytelling Cards
Another do-it-yourself on-line reading site, using a lovely deck you can buy if you want.

Jonathan's On-Line Tarot
"The original World Wide Web tarot site", it features a variety of decks and four different layouts.

Freaky Tarot Central
Most of the tarot world is dead serious, but not Donald X. This is a very witty reloadable-reading site.

Ranma Tarot Applet
A 3-card on-line reading; if you aren't happy, reshuffle!

The Voodoo Queen
A simple cross virtual reading, using the New Orleans Voodoo deck, which is, of course, available for purchase.

Nancy Garen's Quintessential Fortune Teller
A thorough 1-card reading, using the Rider-Waite deck.

Centro Esoterico de Ciudad Futura
Your author thinks she understands enough Spanish to translate this as the "esoteric center of the future city". It includes several types of oracles; the tarot reading is based on cabala. Unfortunately, my Spanish isn't good enough to understand my reading.

A few of the more interesting Tarot-related sites on the web

The Maninni Tarot
A collaborative tarot created by the Tarot L list; includes some really fun and beautiful cards.

Cosmic Baseball Association
The author of this site identifies the 22 cards of the Major Arcana as the players on a baseball team called the 1997 Ridertown Tarotians.

Learning the Tarot--An On-line Course
A comprehensive course offered free in its entirety on the web. You can buy a set of cards from this person, if you want.

Basic Tarot 101
Pandora's on-line study course includes not only what the cards say, but also appropriate ways to conduct yourself as a seer (see lesson 8: ethics).

Arnell Ando's Transformational Tarot
A beautiful deck by a darned terrific gal; includes A Major Arcana Sample Key, showing archetypal examples of cards from movies.

Michele's Tarot Page
Generally considered to be the web's most comprehensive tarot page.

Corwin, Prince of Amber
This Belgian fellow has his own one-stop psychic shop. From Corwin's Love Connection to online Tarot postcards, you're gonna find it here.

Movie Reviews by the Tarot
This person reviews movies without ever seeing them, simply by consulting the tarot.

The Clickable Tree of Life
For true esoterica, you can't beat this Kabala/Tarot combo. Prepare to be confused!

dt king's Tarot Reader Directory
A series on a variety of interesting topics from a tarot-point of view, such as Dracula's tarot reading and a tarot diet.

The Pythagorean Tarot
One of those really serious tarot sites (REALLY serious), this site is also academically legitimate and goes into some depth about the correlation between Jungian archetypes and the tarot.

Mythic Movies
These people get together every month and watch movies to review them for mythic elements. Very Hollywood Tarot!

Tarotista's page on Esoteric Societies
Includes a glimmer into the in-fighting between esoteric societies ("WE'RE the real Golden Dawn!" "No, WE are!").

The Tarot School
Info on their correspondence course, free teleclasses, Arcanum Magazine and the upcoming New York Tarot Festival.

Tarot Web Rings

Tarot Ring #1

AOL Tarot Roomies

Celebrity Links listed on the Who's On What Card pages

Robin Williams
The Ultimate Robin Williams, founder of the Round Robin Web Ring.
Suzanne's Mork and Mindy page
MIDI Theme from Mork and Mindy
The Gesundheit! Institute's Rip Roarin' Home Page!.
Robin Williams Tribute Page
Furr's Robin Williams
A Tribute to Robin Williams
The Robin Williams Zone
Robin Williams Speech
Robin Williams--the best comic actor
Driveways of the Rich and Famous

Whoopi Goldberg
The Patrick Stewart Page
Celebsite: Whoopi Goldberg
Tribute to Whoopi Goldberg and the Sister Act Movies
The Whoopi Goldberg Page
Stacey's Whoopi page
The ACME Whoopi Page
Whoopi Goldberg's Poolman

Donna Reed
The Donna Reed Foundation for the Performing Arts
Donna Reed Filmography
Fansites: Donna Reed

Patrick Stewart
Patrick Stewart Tribute.
The Patrick Stewart Estrogen Brigade
Patrick Stewart On Line
Patrick Stewart Ring

Noriyuki 'Pat' Morita
The Karate Kid Homepage
Pat Morita Filmography
Mr. Miagi Trivia
Lane's Karate Kid Page

Roy Rogers and Dale Evans
The Official Roy Rogers-Dale Evans Website
Roy Rogers Page
Roy Rogers: King of the Cowboys

Charlton Heston
Heston Movie Pages
Elizabeth's Classic Actors Page
Charlton Heston Filmography
Fansites: Charlton Heston

Sigourney Weaver
The Unofficial Sigourney Weaver Page.
The Alien's Hive
The Alien Hive, home of The Aliens Ring
Unauthorized Sigourney Weaver Page
The Sigourney Weaver Photo Gallery

Greta Garbo
Greta Garbo Gallery.
The Official Greta Garbo Site
Greta Garbo Moviebilia
Silent Ladies Greta Garbo
Greta Garbo

Kevin Bacon
Kevin Bacon Fan Site.
6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon.
The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon
Kevin Bacon Game
The Oracle of Bacon at Virginia

Gillian Anderson
Gillian Anderson Photo Gallery
The Official Gillian Anderson Web Site!
The Desk for Dana Fund
Where's Scully's Egg?!
The X-Files University
Genuine Admirers of Gillian Anderson
X-Files Drinking Game

Clint Eastwood
Complete Clint Eastwood Homepage.
Clint Eastwood's Driveway
Clint Eastwood
Solomon's Saloon

Christopher Reeve
Christopher Reeve Homepage.
Steve's Christopher Reeve Page
American Paralysis Association, including the Christopher Reeve Foundation
Christopher Reeve

Louis Gossett, Jr. and Richard Gere
"An Officer and a Gentleman".
Richard Gere Filmography
Richard Gere
Filmography for Louis Gossett, Jr.
E!Online Fact Sheet: Louis Gossett, Jr.
Officer and a Gentleman, An (1982)
Survival International Home
International Campaign for Tibet--Save Tibet

James Earl Jones
Welcome Cadet to the Dark Side.
Web Ring--contains 601 Star Wars Web Rings (probably more by now); the 3 listed below contain over 1000 sites.
The Darth Vadar Web Ring: 12 sites at last count
Star Wars Ring: 288 sites at last count
Star Wars Ring: 801 sites at last count
The Ultimate Mortal Fighter Killer Death Match of DOOM 2000
The Ultimate James Earl Jones Website, because he has done a few other things in his life.
David Prowse, since he has a life too.

Bruce Willis
Bruce Willis on the Web.
Bruce Willis Page
Bruce Willis: Unofficial Web Site
Bruce Willis Fan Ring: 9 sites at last count

Marilyn Monroe
The Marilyn Pages
Marilyn Monroe: The Legend
Marilyn Monroe
Porky's Dedication to Marilyn Monroe.

Ava Gardner
Ava Gardner Museum
Celebsite: Ava Gardner
Ava Gardner
The Ava Gardner Page

Meg Ryan
Meg Ryan Mini Home Page
Meg Ryan Enhanced
Meg Ryan Picture Archive
Ryan's Meg
SirOracle's Meg Ryan Page
Tom's Meg Ryan Page
Val's Meg Ryan Page
Meg Ryan Homage

John Wayne
The York Site John Wayne Page
John Wayne Tribute
CyberNet Denis: John Wayne An American Treasure
Birthplace of John Wayne
Classic Movies: John Wayne
John Wayne
Torsten's Homepage, a German viewpoint.

The Audience
Rodeo Drive-In, Port Orchard, Washington.

Lucy Lawless
Michelle's Xena Picture Library.
Buumzer's Xena Warrior Princess Vault
The Xenaverse Codex
Mikes Xena and Buffy page

Dolph Lundgren
Dolph Gallery.
Dolph Lundgren Links
More Dolph Lundgren Links
Dolph Lundgren Bio
Billy Dickson's Masters of the Universe Page
Filmography for Dolph Lundgren

Katharine Hepburn

Katharine Hepburn Homepage
CelebSite: Katharine Hepburn
Pictures of Katharine Hepburn
Hollywood Web Of Fame: Katharine Hepburn
Anna's Katharine Hepburn Page
Katharine Hepburn
The Great Kate
The Katharine Hepburn WebRing
Classic Movies

Sylvester Stallone
Rocky Fan Page
The Rambo Web Page
Stallone Links
The Sly Ring
Oh, Sly!

James Dean
James Dean Page
James Dean Is Not Dead
The James Dean Memorial Gallery
The James Dean Webring
James Dean and Garfield
The Official James Dean Site
American Legends: James Dean
Deaners: A Web Magazine about James Dean fans
James Dean/Leonardo DiCaprio Face-Off
James Dean Pictures
James Dean: International Art Network Magazine
James Dean

Julie Andrews
Pat's Home Page: Julie Andrews files
Tribute to Julie Andrews
Celebsite: Julie Andrews
Julie Andrews Resource Page
Julie Andrews (11 links)
Julie Andrews' Page

Billie Holiday
Billie Holiday's Homepage
Billie Holiday
Billie Holiday Online
Billie Holiday
Billie Holiday Circle
Billie Holiday

The Artist Formerly Known As Prince
The Interactive Experience Online
TAFKAP Homepage
Chris Halbert's The Artist Formerly Known As Prince Page
The DAWN.COM Webring
The Ultimate 0(+>/Prince Homepage

Pre-Vietnam-era Movie Indians
Vintage Western and Cowboy Movie Posters.
First Nations Site Index

Sean Connery
James Bond Movie Page
Dante's Sean Connery Homepage
Meri's Sean Connery Page
Wade's Tribute to Sean Connery
The Ultimate Sean Connery Page
The Ultimate Guide to James Bond
Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Her Majesty's Secret Servant
Nuv's 007 Shrine
James Bond Agent 007 OHMSS

Dennis Hopper
Movie Web
Celebsite: Dennis Hopper
Dennis Hopper Page
Center for Photographic Art: Current Exhibit
Photography of Dennis Hopper, Sundance

Humphrey Bogart
The Official Humphrey Bogart site.
Humphrey Bogart
Rick's Cafe Americain
Humphrey Bogart Tribute
Bogie and Baby

John Malkovich
An Unofficial John Malkovich Page
Darcy's John Malkovich Page
John Malkovich (9 links)
Homage to John Malkovich
La Pagina su John Malkovich
All John Malkovich, All The Time

Robert Downey, Jr.
CNN, 12/8/97: "Judge Sends Oscar-nominated Actor To Jail For Six Months"
The Unofficial Robert Downey, Jr. Webpage
Robert Downey, Jr. links and pictures
Downey Diary and Fan Page
Tiffany's Robert Downey Jr. Page
A Tribute to Robert Downey, Jr.
Colin Queen RDJr Page
The Daily Iowan, 7/18/96: "Downey, Jr. Released After Arrest"
CNN, 10/7/97: "Probation revoked for Robert Downey, Jr."
Excite, 12/8/97: "Actor Downey Jailed for Probation Violation"
Las Vegas Sun, 2/18/98: "Downey Goes from Jail to Studio"
E! Online-The Hot Spots-Special-Underbelly

Kim Novak
Kim Novak Gallery.
Lavender Blonde: Kim Novak
Classic Movies: Kim Novak
Kim Novak (13 Links)

Raymond Burr
Perry Mason TV Series.
The Perry Mason Pages--Raymond Burr Vineyards Page
Ascocenda Raymond Burr--Sonoma County Orchid Society
I Know That Perry Mason Liveth
Amazing Orchids
Total Danger HQ
Howard M. Berlin's Website--Perry Mason Movies

Mae West
Mae West Home Page.
Mae West's Quotable Quotes
Cybersuite of the Fabulous Mae West
The Mae West Glamour Gallery

Ving Rhames
Rhames Fan Club.
Filmography for Ving Rhames
CelebSite: Ving Rhames

Harrison Ford
Harrison Ford Worship Page
Fansite: Harrison Ford
Planet Indy: Home of the Fans
Harrison Ford Pictures
Harrison Ford: The Unofficial Homepage
The Harrison Ford Fans Webring
Harrison Ford for President 2000 Web Ring
Blade Runner Ring

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
The Morphing Grid: Power Rangers WWW Homepage
Mighty Morphin Power Ring (appr. 38 sites)
Morphin' Time Webring (appr. 17 sites)
The Ring of the Rangers (appr. 14 sites)
Society of Shrinemasters Web Circle (appr. 6 sites)
The Amy Jo Johnson Web Ring (appr. 7 sites)
The Ring of Power (appr. 11 sites)
Power Links!

Oprah Winfrey
A Tribute to the Phenomenal Oprah Winfrey
Fansite: Oprah Winfrey
Celebsite: Oprah Winfrey
Rachel's Ode to Oprah Winfrey
Information on Random Acts of Kindness with Oprah Winfrey
Oprah's Angel Network
TIME 100: Artist and Entertainers: Oprah Winfrey

Montgomery Burns
Burns Manor
The Simpsons (appr. 47 sites)
The SimpsonsNet (appr. 77 sites)
The Simpsons Ring (appr. 496 sites)
Simpsons Sector 7G Web Ring (appr. 389 sites)
The Simpsons Web Ring (appr. 473 sites)
The Springfield Webring (appr. 198 sites)
A+ Simpsons Ring (appr. 160 sites)
Celebsite: Matt Groening

Frances Farmer
Frances Farmer: 1914-1970
Frances Farmer Photos
Frances Farmer
Frances Farmer, 1914-1970: Raped, Shocked and Brutalized
A Few Other Classic Babes Gallery
Frances Farmer: her essay on the death of God
Filmography of Frances Farmer

Paul Newman
Paul Newman's Own Web Site
Fansite: Paul Newman
Paul Newman
Celebsite: Paul Newman
Elizabeth's Paul Newman Page
Paul Newman: Public Support for the Arts
Classic Movies
Who 2: Paul Newman Profile
Paul Newman

Woody Allen
Woody Allen
The Woody Allen Webring
Fansites: Woody Allen
Woody Allen
Celebsite: Woody Allen
Woody Allen

Mark Hamill
The Unofficial Mark Hamill Page
Fansites: Mark Hamill
Just Luke
The Unofficial Mark Hamill Fan Club
Natalie's Mark Hamill Home Page
Dreaming of Mark Hamill
PenSkywalker's Luke Skywalker/Mark Hamill Page

David Bowie
Rachel's David Bowie Page
Fansites: David Bowie
The David Bowie Web Ring (appr. 92 sites)
The Best of Bowie Web-Ring (appr. 7 sites)
Labyrinth Ring (appr. 76 sites)
David Bowie-Little Wonderworld: Links
"Strike Up the Bond"
"Bowie Bonds for IT?"
"The Rogue Market"
Forbes 9/22/97: Forbes Top 40

Marlon Brando

The Pedestrian's Marlon Brando Image Gallery
Fansites: Marlon Brando
Celebsite: Marlon Brando

Vivien Leigh
Terry and Christine's Homepage.
Gone With The Wind Ring
Scarlett Fever!
Vivien Leigh Pages
The Life and Films of Vivien Leigh

Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio, vu par Robin.
Generation DiCaprio
The Land of Leo Lovers
Leonardo DiCaprio--172 Links
The Star Of The Most Awesome Movie: Titanic

Grace Kelly
The Grace Kelly and Princess Grace of Monaco Page.
The Lovely Grace Kelly
The Grace Kelly Page
Media Gallery
Grace Kelly Page
Grace Kelly Home Page
Grace Kelly, Princess Grace of Monaco
Tasha's Grace Kelly Page

Leonard Nimoy
Welcome to Paramount Pictures.
Alien Voices Official Web Site
Leonard Nimoy Club Online
The Leonard Nimoy Pages

Elizabeth Taylor
Trivette's Tribute to Taylor
Elizabeth Taylor (29 links)
Elizabeth Taylor
The Elizabeth Taylor Homepage
Elizabeth's Elizabeth Taylor Page
Elizabeth Taylor Tribute by Alejandro Andrade
Stickney's Elizabeth Taylor Gallery
Elizabeth Taylor
The Elizabeth Taylor HomePage
Elizabeth Taylor Liz Taylor ELIZABETH TAYLOR
Romantically Linked: Elizabeth Taylor
Elizabeth Taylor's Passion

Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire
Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers at RKO: Photos.
MovieActors.com: Hollywood Superstars of the 1930's
SWINGTIME by Roger Ebert
Classic Movies
Fred Astaire: Dance on Air
Elizabeth's Ginger Rogers Page
Elizabeth's Fred Astaire Page
Ginger Rogers
Fred Astaire
Fred Astaire Franchised Dance Studios
The Gershwin Picture Gallery

Dolly Parton
Dolly Parton.
Duane's Dolly Pages
The ACME Dolly Parton Page
Best Little Dolly Site On The Web
Dolly, Dolly, Dolly!
Matt's Prima Dolly Page
Welcome to Timmy's Dolly Page
Steve's Dolly Parton Page

Judy Garland
Wayne's Page
The Judy Garland Photographic Tribute
Judy Garland: The Live Performances!
Judy Garland Database
The Judy Garland Page
The Judy Garland Show
Judy at Capitol Records
Index of Judy Garland Ring
The Judy Garland Club
The Judy Garland Museum: There's No Place Like Home

Hugh Grant
1995 YEARBOOK: Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Hurley.
Celebsite: Hugh Grant
Fansite: Hugh Grant
The Completely Unauthorized Hugh Grant Page
Hugh Grant Photos
Hugh Grant Home Page

Shirley Temple
STemple14's Home Page
Elizabeth's Shirley Temple Page
Tiny1975's Tribute to Shirley Temple
Shirley Temple Fan Page
Bob's Child Film Stars Photo Gallery
Childstar2 Home Page
Movie and Doll Collector
Classic Movies
Wonderful World of Shirley Temple Dolls and Collectibles

I Can't Believe It's Not Butter.
Celebsite: Fabio
Fabio International Fan Club
Fabio Loves You

Clara Bow
The Clara Bow Page
Silent Star of January
Clara Bow
Silent Movies
PicPal's Clara Bow Subsite
Celebsite: Clara Bow

Some pro-Barney sites:
Barney the Purple Dinosaur.
Blue's Barney Page
The Unofficial Barney Homepage
Pro-Barney WebRing Sign-up Page
Some anti-Barney sites:
Dave's anti-Barney Page
Top 38 Way To Kill Barney the Dinosaur
The Ultimate Anti-Barney Page
Into the Purple Abyss

Jeffrey Hunter
King of Kings for sale.
Jeffrey Hunter
Filmography for Jeffrey Hunter
Jeffrey Hunter
E!-Online fact sheet: Jeffrey Hunter
King of Kings

Benj's Madonna Photo Gallery.
Fotografia Madonna
Steve and Mark's Madonna Page
The Original Madonna Webring
Wang, Zheng: Madonna Photo Album
Madonna Archive
Nordine's Madonna Page

Bruce Lee
The Bruce Lee Archive.
The Shrine to Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee: The Master
The Legends

Tina Turner
Sidney's Home
The Tina Turner Homepage
Another Tina Turner Homepage
Tina Turner Web
Tina Turner
Tina Turner in Spanish
Tina's Website in Lubeck
Tina Turner

Clark Gable
MovieActors.com--Hollywood Superstars of the 1930's.
Welcome to the Home of Clark Gable on the Web
Clark Gable the King of Hollywood
Home of the Clark Gable Foundation, Inc.
Clark Gable
Gable and Lombard a la Shirley
Clark Gable Web Ring
Clark Gable the King of Hollywood pages
Gone With The Wind
Gone with the Wind

Arnold Schwarzeneggar
Arnie Schwarzenegger: The Mighty Oak! Main Page
Arnold Schwarzenegger
The Arnold Schwarzenegger Tribute Page
Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic and Fitness Weekend
Arnold Schwarzenegger Home Page
Mahmoud's Arnold Schwarzenegger Page
The Arnold Fan
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Fans of Arnold Schwarzenegger Ring

Lucille Ball and Vivian Vance
The Lucy Fanatic WebPage!
The Best of Vivian
I Love Lucy Character Links
Frame Page
The I Love Lucy Web Ring (72 sites)
The I Love Lucy Webring (5 sites)
Lucille Ball Ring (10 sites)

Lana Turner
A Tribute to Lana Turner
Classic Movies
Lana Turner (9 Links)
Murders, Scandals and Other Crimes in Los Angeles History
Lana Turner
The Lana Turner Page
Romantically Linked: Lana Turner
Lana Turner Gallery
Turner, Julia Jean Lana

Barbra Streisand
BJS Web: The Barbara Streisand Web Page.
The Barbra Streisand Web Ring
Ct Yankee's Idol: A Streisand Homage!
Funny Girl
Barbra Streisand Stuff
A Tribute to Barbra Streisand

Elaine Miles
Kipp Teague's RetroWeb
Northern Exposure
Northern Exposure on QNSM.com
The Moose's Guide to Northern Exposure
Filmography for Elaine Miles
Kimiya's Home Page
Native American Entertainment Link List
Forever Cicely
The Northern Exposure Webring

Elvis Presley
Elvis in Hawaii.
24-hour Church of Elvis Gift Shop
Elvis Links
Elvis Presley's Graceland
The Elvis Shrine at Infodata
The Elvis Shrine at MIT
PElvis: Princeton for Elvis
The ElvisNet Home Page
Elvis Lives in Evil Levis
Elvis random link generator
Elvis on my mind
The ElvisNet Home Page
Won't you wear my TCB ring

Daniel Day-Lewis
Last of the Mohicans Web Site.
Filmography for Daniel Day-Lewis
Holly's Page O' Hunks
Mr. Showbiz: Daniel Day-Lewis

Paul Reubens
Kevin's Fun Pee Wee Page!.
The Pee Wee Herman Worship Page
Toaph's Pee Wee Page
Pee Wee's Webhouse
Pee Wee's Super Fun Toy Chest!
Celebsite: Paul Reubens
WashingtonPost.com: Paul Reubens Filmography
Alternativ Kultura: Reubens, Paul
Welcome to the Pee Wee Herman Page!

David Duchovny
DD's Devoties.
David Duchovny Testosterone Brigade
David Duchovny Estrogen Brigade
Myrhmaid's Kiss David Duchovny Page!!!
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to David Duchovny
The Church of Our Guy David Duchovny Webring (approx. 7 sites)
X-Phile Web Ring (approx. 36 sites)
The X-Files Ring (approx. 183 sites)
Love of David Duchovny Ring (approx. 43 sites)
Sisters of the Forum Church of David Webring (approx. 11 sites)

Kevin Costner
Kevin Costner (11 links)
Kevin Costner Photo Gallery
Phyllis' Kevin Costner Page
Sexy Male Celebrities-Kevin Costner

Other Pages Referenced In This Web Site, for one reason or another

Fantasy Collection
The World of Circle Magic
The Legend of the Holy Grail
Museum of Alchemy Talisman Exhibit
Ricardo Cortez Filmography
Internet Connections
The Official Baywatch Page
The American Tarot Association
Builders of the Adytum
Psychic Society International
The College of Metaphysical Studies

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