03/05/99:"What does the next year hold for Eddie Murphy?"

01/13/99:"What does 1999 hold for Gillian Anderson?"

12/14/98:"What does 1999 hold for Brad Pitt?"

12/03/98:"What does 1999 hold for Madonna?"

11/23/98:"What does 1999 hold for Bruce and Demi?"

11/15/98:"What does the popularity of 'Buffy' and 'Xena' mean for the future of the Hollywood Bombshell?"

11/07/98:"How will Jesse "The Body" Ventura's new gig as governor of Minnesota affect his movie career?"

10/18/98:"Will Hollywood ever grow out of its delusion that Woman is supposed to be a size-4 25-year-old?"

9/21/98: "How Will the Bill and Monica Movie End?"

9/8/98: "Will Leonardo DiCaprio find True Love this year?"

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