Make Your Own Hollywood Tarot Cards

For fun but NOT for profit, for your own personal home use, don't even think about making any money on these because neither you nor I own the rights to any of these people's names or faces.


(1) Buy a package of 3"x5" cards (you can get some pretty colored ones at stationary stores and some office warehouse places; otherwise your local drug store has the standard white lined 3"x5" cards which will do just fine). (Actually, if you can find 5"x7" cards that's even better, because you can get 4 Hollywood Tarot cards on each one, which wastes a lot less of our natural resources. But 5"x7" cards are a bugger to find).

(2) Print out the pages given below. This is going to take some time, so do this on a day when you really don't have a life. NOTE: this is set up to print out according to my computer and my printer. I haven't a clue whether or not it's going to print out right with your settings, and I don't have the computer skills to tell you how to reset anything. Sorry. Also, be prepared to have the quality of the pictures really suck.

Note: this helpful suggestion comes from Hollywood Tarot reader Connie:

"Here's a tip for printing the deck: Transcription Labels. They're a heavier bond than typing/printer paper and already sticky on one side. They can be purchased at most office supply stores."

(3) Cut out the pretty pictures and glue them onto the 3"x5" cards. Personally, I like using glue sticks for this sort of work. Trim the cards as needed--but note that some of them are a eensy bit wider than others, so you'll need to set up a standard.

(4) You can quit now if you want, or you can do what I do--laminate them, so that if you spill your coffee on them or something you don't have to start this whole tedious process all over again. Your local copy center can laminate them, or you can do what I do--use clear Contact paper (note: this takes practice, and you might get some wrinkles the first few times. Also, the copy center laminations are glossier).

(5) Have lots of non-profitable fun, in the privacy of your own home. Don't forget--THESE ARE NOT FOR SALE.

Major Arcana 1
Major Arcana 2
Major Arcana 3
Major Arcana 4, Swords 1
Swords 2
Swords 3
Pentacles 1
Pentacles 2
Pentacles 3, Cups 1
Cups 2
Cups 3, Wands 1
Wands 2
Wands 3
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