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Card 1: The Magician
Robin Williams

"Robin Williams and Patch Adams, 1997: A Matched Pair?
Photo by Ben Stechschulte"

Robin Williams as the Magician is a Level Two archetype: we believe this man can do anything, and do it with style, grace and glorious good humor. He is skilled, strong, complete, superb.

The Hero's Journey is a life cycle from Fool to Magician. It is Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz; it is Luke Skywalker, going from farmboy to Jedi Knight. Everyone starts out a Fool, but not everyone manages to become a Magician.

Once you do become a magician, you start the journey all over again, this time at a higher level.

Robin and Patch pic ruthlessly swiped from The Gesundheit! Institute's Rip Roarin' Home Page!.

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Some other Level 2 Fool-to-Magician archetypes:
Sally Field
Charlie Chaplin
Tom Hanks
Jessica Lange
Richard Chamberlain
John Travolta

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