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Graffiti Card #2: The New Yorker
The Seinfeld Gang

If you have a flaw, they'll find it.

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Graffiti Card #1: The Californian (The Baywatch Gang)
Who's on What Card, a list of all the Major and Minor Arcana cards.

Archetypal New Yorkers whine all the time. With 50 million people per square mile they never lack for company or human connection; they have a thriving culture where you can see "Cats" 24-hours a day seven days a week; yet they still aren't happy. The only thing that can make these people feel good is seeing someone in worse shape than they are. This is why there are so many homeless in New York-it's the City Council's way of bolstering up the rest of the population, by giving them other people they can positively compare themselves to.

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